Northern Cross (Yukon)’s leadership team is comprised of engineers and geologists who have built their careers on successful exploration and development opportunities with previous companies in the North. This bank of knowledge is now being applied to develop Northern Cross (Yukon) Ltd.’s opportunities.

Working responsibly provides Northern Cross (Yukon) Ltd. with its social licence to operate; being able to demonstrate responsible operatorship is critical to being active in Yukon.

Working safely is the company’s top priority and is top-of-mind of every decision the company makes.

Northern Cross (Yukon) Ltd. values its stakeholders and is committed to honest, transparent and frequent two-way communication with those who are potentially impacted by the company’s activities.


Northern Cross (Yukon) Limited is committed to:

  • Open, fair, transparent and ongoing dialogue;
  • Listening without judgement;
  • Providing truthful and timely information;
  • Developing long-term mutually beneficial relationships.

Recent News

NCY Addendum Statement

Nov 21, 2015

Northern Cross Yukon Ltd.

Drill Cuttings and Mix Bury Cover

Future Wells Statement

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NCY Statement

Nov 20, 2015

Northern Cross Yukon Ltd.

Drill Cuttings and Mix, Bury, Cover

2012-2013 Exploration Drilling Program

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