Corporate Policy

Northern Cross (Yukon) Limited will maximise shareholder value and benefit the communities where we operate by exploring, developing and marketing petroleum and natural gas initially by focusing on opportunities in the Eagle Plain Basin in the Northern Yukon Territory.

Mission Statement

“Create value by exploration and development of oil and natural gas resources”

In doing so, Northern Cross (Yukon) Limited’s management team, employees and consultants will adhere to a set of values governing the Company’s conduct.

Corporate Values

Northern Cross (Yukon) Ltd. will fulfill its mission within the framework of the following values:

  • Northern Cross (Yukon) Limited is honest and will conduct its operations within the laws, regulations and guidelines of the jurisdictions in which we operate with respect to the best interest of all stakeholders.
  • Northern Cross (Yukon) Limited will endeavour to train and hire employees, and utilize local services available, as much as practical and in alignment with its shareholders’ interests.
  • Northern Cross (Yukon) Limited will conduct its operations consistent with the protection and safety of its employees, consultants, contractors, and the environment.
  • Northern Cross (Yukon) Limited will respect the diversity and cultural values of the communities involved in its business, and with its employees, consultants and contractors.
  • Northern Cross (Yukon) Limited strives for excellence and wishes its employees and contractors to conduct themselves in a cooperative, constructive, and collaborative manner to achieve the goals of the company.

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