HS&E/HR Policies

Northern Cross (Yukon) Limited will maximize shareholder value by exploring, developing and marketing hydrocarbons predominantly from the Eagle Plain Basin in the Yukon Territory. In doing so, NCY's management team, employees and consultants will adhere to a set of values governing the company's conduct.


Employees and contractors of Northern Cross Yukon (Ltd.) are expected to work safely at all times.


People are our strongest asset and are treated with the highest degree of respect. We adhere to the Golden Rule “Treat others as you’d treat yourself.”


We are open and honest. We obey the law.


We value cooperation, collaboration and consultation. Our success depends on drawing the strengths of individuals working together as a team.


We welcome a diverse work force and make no preferential treatment or bias based on ethnicity, background, race, creed, religion or gender.


We respect the environment and will operate in a manner that mitigates our impact.

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Nov 20, 2015

Northern Cross Yukon Ltd.

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