3D Seismic Program


Northern Cross Yukon Ltd. (NCY) successfully conducted a 3D and 2D seismic program in the winter of 2013/2014 centered approximately 35 km south of the Eagle Plain Lodge, within the Taiga Cordillera Eco zone, northern Yukon Territory. The purpose of this seismic survey was to further delineate the extent of the hydrocarbon prospectivity in the:

  1. Chance Significant Discovery License (SDL-022).
  2. Recent wells drilled by NCY at McParlon A-25, East Chance E-78 and West Chance H-28, Ehnjuu Choo B-73.
  3. Prospects and leads identified on historic 2D seismic data.

Additional benefits of this program included providing job opportunities to qualified Yukon residents. On average 29%, or approximately 2,249 of 7,890 total project person days of the total employment in this program was provided to Yukon Citizens. Over 22% of the total project expenditure, or $4,408,067 was for the benefit of Yukon citizens and / or businesses. For more information on the economic benefits of NCY’s activities to Yukon businesses and citizens please refer to Benefits to Yukoners Seismic Program Report.

Location and Project Area

The seismic project area was centered at the NCY Camp located at kilometer 325 on the Dempster highway. Much of the Eagle Plains Eco region vegetation is characterized by black spruce woodlands associated with earth hummocks. Black spruce-tussock tundra dominates the lower slopes. Tamarack was often a component of the landscape ecology. A significant portion of the forest was burned in a numerous fires during the past couple of decades. 

The project was staged from the NCY camp. The favorable location of camp  reduced travel time, increased operational efficiency and helped mitigate driving risk.  

Project Management, Proponent and Survey Contractors

The project proponent was Northern Cross (Yukon) Ltd., a company incorporated in Yukon in 1994. After a Request for Proposal Bid Tender in February 2013, NCY chose GeoTir Inc. to manage this project and subcontractors were chosen with consideration of the stipulations outlined in the benefits agreements. The role of the project manager was to manage the acquisition of the 3D data and 2D seismic, including hiring of subcontractors and insuring quality control, environmental protection, health and safety, and compliant government relations.  All these activities were conducted in conjunction with NCY, with NCY having final responsibility of the choice of subcontractors.

Project Outline

The seismic program consisted of approximately 325 square kilometers of 3D and 25 kilometers of 2D reflection seismic data gathered within an Application Area of approximately 700 square kilometers. Utilization of the LIS (Low Impact Seismic) methods resulted in very low impact on the environment. Source lines were limited to three meters in width and receiver lines limited to two meters in width. These lines were built by clearing the bush and packing the snow to make the access trails and the seismic lines.  The lines were generally non-linear to restrict sight lines and reduce the overall impact on the environment. The LIS drills were outfitted with air hammers so as to not require water for drilling.  

The sesimic data was recorded in a wireless recording system.  This wireless system was preferred since a cabled system could have presented a hazard for migrating animals and required a larger hand cut line than was necessary for a cableless system. Layout crew only required a path two metre or less through the land. A cableless system was also less impactful on the environment as it was easier to carry down the receiver lines. It also required fewer personnel on the recording crewand has no impact on the Dempster highway traffic.

Project Timeline

Field operations started October 15th, 2013. LIDAR, line marking and construction of some access lines were done prior to Christmas 2013. This early start went a long way in ensuring the entire program was completed recording on April 17, 2014.

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