Facts on Eagle Plain

Industry has drilled 34 wells to date in the Eagle Plain area. Most wells were drilled to a depth of between 1,500 metres and 3,000 metres. The majority of this drilling occurred during the late 1950s and the early 1970s. Northern Cross (Yukon) Ltd. drilled four new exploration wells in 2012 to 2013 using newer geological and geophysical interpretation and modern exploration concepts to assess resource opportunities that have not been evaluated in the past at Eagle Plain.

Oil and natural gas are found in several geological formations of different ages and at different depths:

  • Cretaceous (600 m)
  • Permian (800 m)
  • Carboniferous (1600 m)
  • Devonian (2400 m)

Eagle Plain Base Map

Conceptual Diagram

Recent News

NCY Addendum Statement

Nov 21, 2015

Northern Cross Yukon Ltd.

Drill Cuttings and Mix Bury Cover

Future Wells Statement

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NCY Statement

Nov 20, 2015

Northern Cross Yukon Ltd.

Drill Cuttings and Mix, Bury, Cover

2012-2013 Exploration Drilling Program

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